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If you have dreamt of flying solo and are looking for an adventurous weekend break aimed at giving you a taste of free-flight this course is for you. This course is designed for those interested in a one-time solo flying experience.

Starting Location: Kamshet
  • Day 1 : Introduction
    • You learn to kite the glider and take time understanding the basics.
    • Topics covered:
    1. Site assessment
    2. Introduction To The Equipment
    3. Canopy Layout
    4. Forward Launch Technique
    5. Ground Handling
    6. Course Correction
    7. Maintaining Airspeed
    8. Low Level Flights(bunny hops)
    9. Solo Flights
    10. Landing & Post Landing Procedure
    11. Audio Video Interactive Sessions
    12. Simulator Sessions
  • Day 2 : Ground Handling
    • You get used to the slopes today.
  • Day 3 : Solo Flights
    • Spend the day taking as many solo flights as your energy and the weather permits.
Tickets available
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Cancellation Policy
  • In the event, the weather is not suitable and if we have to cancel the session,, we will make it up to you - you can come back for an extra session another time
  • OR you can extend your trip by a day and continue - you only pay for food & stay @ 1500/- per night.

  • Transport
    From Accommodation to Flying Site to Accommodation
  • Meal
    All meals during the trip
  • Stay - Dorm
    2 Nights - Dorms/Tents in our lake-front guesthouse.
  • Extras - Fly Nirvana - Admin
    Equipment Usage Instruction Radio Supervision Simulator Session Course Material Kit Audio Visual Classroom Sessions
  • Photos/Videos
  • Travel from your location to destination
Things to Remember
  • No previous flight experience needed.
  • Please ensure your clothes and shoes are comfortable and are suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Refrain from wearing loose jewellery or other expensive items during the flight.

Things to Carry
  • Outdoor shoes with high ankle support will save you from ankle twists if they happen (Strongly Recommend)
  • Long sleeve shirts or tee shirts (this is to protect u against unwarranted bruises) 
  • Current Photograph
  • Long pants – jeans, canvas, thick cotton
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen – sun protection of your choice
  • A carry all bag/ haversack
  •  a couple of bottles of water
  • A Fleece / Sweater / Jacket
  • Towels
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Personal medication if required
Paragliding in Kamshet Area

The Advensure Promise

  • No Booking Fee
  • Certified Operators
  • Guaranteed best pricing for groups

The Advensure Promise

  • No Booking Fee
  • Certified Operators
  • Guaranteed best pricing for groups
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